Saturday, November 19, 2016


Looking through my ravelry profile (some that has also been neglected as of late) I wandered over to my blog as a whim. Something I've been meaning to do since I started working at Crafty Planet (which will be two years in January!)

Needless to say a lot in my life has changed in the last four years. Highlights include: Graduating from college, living by myself (no roommates!) for the first time, having a full time job.

But I'm still knitting and quilting and trying to make the world a better place.

Recently through my knitting group The Yarn Mission, I had the opportunity to design some patterns. Now that they are officially on Ravlery I thought I would share them here.


Stunfisk: Its skin is very hard, so it is unhurt even if stepped on by sumo wrestlers. It smiles when transmitting electricity.

 (c) Patience Zalanga

Luvdisc:  Its heart-shaped body makes it popular. In some places, you would give a Luvdisc to someone you love.
(c) Mary Richardson

When i was dreaming of names for my first sock pattern, I jokingly thought that it looked like the pokemon Stunfisk. For a while I thought of that name, along with a few others I was bouncing around. But then I came back to it. And after a conversation with my sister I realized the cultural significance of Pokemon in my life and knew that it had to be the name. So when I dreamed up a second sock I knew it had to be named after a different pokemon.

Both patterns are for sale on The Yarn Mission's website. And kits partnered with the Neighborhood Fiber Co. a black indie dyer are also on the site.

I will do my best to blog more in the near future =) and update to show some of the stuff I've been making.