Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YOP: I'm still here!

I'm doing knitting and I'm still alive. I really should learn my lesson though. I don't like deadlines. I have never liked deadlines it doesn't matter who imposes these rules or how good these rules are for me. I just don't like them. Why then did I decide to do this again?

It also seems with these YOP posts I have three modes:
1. I blog a lot and knit very little
2. I knit a lot and blog very little
3. I do neither and feel ashamed.

I've currently hit mode three after being in mode two for a little while. With this post maybe I will move into mode one which at the very least is better than mode two.

Changes since you've last seen my socks.

Potpourri socks

Look! a sock! I have a whole completed sock that has been a whole completed sock for about a two/three weeks (wow has it really been that long since I've made a YOP post ooops) and I have just started the heel on sock 2. It has a honeycomb heel which I think are adorable and girly completely appropriate for this sock. but I sort of find them a pain in the patootie... But still I like them better than the other option which is short row socks.

I wore my rainbow collision socks (my first finished pair) this weekend. They were delightfully warm and perfect for the retreat in cabins that I was attending. also they left a really cook rainbow stain in my chucks.

Spot Check socks.

look! since the last time I showed you them you may notice that I have a different color on them. I went with the grey instead of the red because the red was just too close to the red in the multi color. While I loved the way it looked most of the time, their was just this one point where it would run in and just be a strip of red. I'm still not sold on the grey but I really don't have another option so I'm just going to push forward with it (I think...) is YOP really getting close to half over already? yikes!


Monday, October 17, 2011

Mondog #4: 2 for 1 special

This is my fourth Mondog! (if you count the other three from my other blog, which I do!)

And as a special bonus today's Mondog is a two for one! These adorable border terrier babies come from Mary the self proclaimed (but really she is way more talented) Kwilt Noob

This is Charlie, he is one and super cute!

This is Beezie, she is two and a queen bee. And she knows it!

aren't they cute? They look like they would be awesome at puppy cuddles! Have a wonderful Mondog everyone!

(if you have a dog who'd love to be featured on a Mondog please email me at Chen.AD@gmail.com )

Friday, October 14, 2011

FO: Friday I'm a pattern designer! (almost)

This FO:Friday is brought to you by the first pattern that I am planning on publishing.

They are simple worsted weight slipper socks that I am going to call "Sleepy Time Socks" made out of Spud and Cloe Sweater yarn. I have made patterns before but have never published them mostly just using them for my own pleasure/ crafty endeavors.

Why then have I decided to publish this pattern? I will be teaching a class on it! They are just a simple pair of beginner socks but to prevent copyright issues/other things I have decided it would easiest to provide my own pattern. So far I've been learning so much about the process. It is one thing to knit a pattern (even a made up one in your head) it is a completely different thing to write down the pattern in coherent sentences.

I am still writing down the last bits of the pattern but if you're interested in my class you can sign up for it on the Sewtropolis website or give them a call during business hours. Also be sure to check out Nikol's blog. She's doing a giveaway right now (yay!) and there is also a blog post about me (!) And about puppies. Who can resist a blog post about puppies? I sure can't!

Right now I think my pattern will only be available through taking the sewtropolis class. We'll see how it goes after that though. To see these socks in person right they are currently on display at the Sewtropolis store!

For more awesome FO: Friday posts be sure to hop on over to Tami's Amis for the Mr. Linky

Monday, October 10, 2011

Diving in


If you're here that means their is a decent chance that you've followed me over from my other blog. After recently being hired at Sewtropolis I decided that if I ever wanted to start selling things (online or in a store) that I should create a handle to unify all of these under.

After dragging my feet a little and consulting the wise Ravelry friends I have I have decided on this. So welcome to handspun rainbows. my new craft blog. Initially I though I would just change my other blog over since it is for the large part a craft blog. But I couldn't bear to let go of my old URL or blog title so instead now they are separate. Look for more posts on Neither East nor West but all craft related things will now be here.

Someday (soon) I hope to open an Etsy shop under the same name.

I am so excited about my new job, and the new ideas I have. Not only do I get to work at an awesome place, I also get to teach classes! My first one, socks! (of course) But more on that later.