Monday, October 10, 2011

Diving in


If you're here that means their is a decent chance that you've followed me over from my other blog. After recently being hired at Sewtropolis I decided that if I ever wanted to start selling things (online or in a store) that I should create a handle to unify all of these under.

After dragging my feet a little and consulting the wise Ravelry friends I have I have decided on this. So welcome to handspun rainbows. my new craft blog. Initially I though I would just change my other blog over since it is for the large part a craft blog. But I couldn't bear to let go of my old URL or blog title so instead now they are separate. Look for more posts on Neither East nor West but all craft related things will now be here.

Someday (soon) I hope to open an Etsy shop under the same name.

I am so excited about my new job, and the new ideas I have. Not only do I get to work at an awesome place, I also get to teach classes! My first one, socks! (of course) But more on that later.


Celestya22 said...

Hurray! Best of luck with the new blog Annie! What an adorable pic of Esme to start it off too.

turtlejen said...

I'm here! Leaving constructive criticism-I would say that the view is nice but I'd like to see more of the post and a bit less of the fence. Right now, the post is about 1/4, the side bar is 1/4, and the fence takes up the other 1/2 (collectively) of my screen viewed left-to-right.

Kacie said...

Agree with turtlejen. Less fence more blog space. Good luck!

Julie said...

Congratulations on your new career. We'll be following you and your pretty homespun closely!