Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondog #5: The Official Greeter

This is Skilos. She is 11 and a golden retriever. She is the sweetest girly and loves ear scratches and lots of pets. If you ever have a chance to drop in at sewtropolis chances are you will be greeted by her. She comes to work when ever Nikol works and always has fun.

Last time I saw Skilos the poor girl looked like this.

Don't worry the ear is still there, her allergies were just acting up. But the bandage sure got lots of sympathy pets. This was a few weeks ago though, Skilos and I keep on missing each other at the store. Hopefully her ear is all better now!

PS: Skilos is also a great scarf model!


Nikol said...

That is such a pitiful picture of her with her bandage on. She really knows how to 'work it'!