Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP: Wednesday Skirting the issue

I started knitting this skirt in November. I thought I would have it done by mid December. No such luck. It is near the end of December and I am still plugging away. But now with finals gone I should be able to finish it very very soon!

It is really really cute knit out of spud and chloe sweater for a store sample. I am going to teach a class on it as well. I just keep on telling myself that it is sooo cute. And it'll look great.

But for now it is just endless endless rows.

The short rows look great though. In Feb. I will be teaching a class on it at Sewtropolis! call the store to sign up! (of course you probably want to wait until I finish the sample first)


Kwilt Noob said...

It is SO SO SO cute and it WILL look GREAT! I envision tights and a darling pair of boots. LOVE! So admire your capabilities with yarn!

Underground Crafter said...

Looks great so far!