Friday, May 11, 2012

Chaining it together

I know I am late to this party. But after having it suggested to me in a few books/ tutorials etc. A finished quilt top ago... I decided to try chain piecing. And holly balls what have I been doing? it makes life a lot easier, saves thread, and in the end you have this fun banner thing to play with for a little while until you cut it apart.
What am I making you ask?

I am using Salt Air by cosmo cricket. It is just a layer cake but I am using it to make a quilt for my sister. Maybe she'll like it better than the first one. I am using a moda bakeshop tutorial which keeps this super super easy. but it is giving me some practice with triangles. After this quilt I am going to tackle the harder one.

The quilt that I will make my roommie Krista for giving me a wonderful and awesome sewing machine. that one involves octagons. eeep. 

 Here is what a finished block will look like. Right now I am piecing the half blocks. but it should be really cute. I like the diamonds in the center. and it is extremely simple. perfect for getting some summer quilting done.

I think this is my favorite print. 

Seriously though. If you haven't tried chain piecing you are missing out. it makes for a lot more sewing and a lot less random loose threads (an added bonus). How about you? have you tried it? Do you hate it? or do  you, like me, think it is the most ingenious thing since sliced bread?


Spoolhardy Girl said...

I love chain piecing! Whenever I look at a pattern I think, "now, what can be chained pieced here?"