Friday, January 13, 2012

FO: Friday It ended!

I have good news. It took a little longer than expected. But I am happy to report... It ENDED!

The final product is on display at sewtropolis. Hopefully catching the eye of potential class takers. And knitters who would like to try it.

In the end it took me 4.5 balls to knit. out of this wonderful shade of spud and chole sweater. It will take you more or less depending on hip circumference. Over all I am super happy with the result. It is cute and warm.

Also after trying to learn how to crochet four + times in my life I am really glad that something finally stuck. I was able to crochet the edging on my skirt so it won't stretch! and by the looks of it I was successful!!!
It is funny that I am more proud of my waistband than I am of the rest of the skirt (I'm pretty sure I did a single crochet instead of a slip stitch as well but it worked about the same).  Not that I don't love the rest of the skirt. I just know I am capable of the rest of the skirt.
If you're interested in learning how to make this skirt give the store a call and sign up! it starts in Feb and the second class session is actually right near the beginning of March giving you a month to knit it before I show how to finish it up!

Sorry for all the weird close photos. It is really really hard to take a picture of yourself with a touch screen phone backwards.
It has to stay at the store for now. But really I can't wait to wear it!

next up I am knitting an entrelac headband!

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Underground Crafter said...

The skirt looks great and yes, photographing yourself with a camera phone is hard. Good luck with the class!

Anonymous said...

So that's the skirt! I love it and want to make one. And I am impressed you have decent photos from a camera phone?! Good Job!!

Spoolhardy Girl said...

that skirt is ADORABLE! Congratulations, and I know tons of kids will want to take your class! :)

heather said...

SO cute!!! Love it and love the color too!