Monday, January 30, 2012

Mondog #8 OCD

Today's Mondog is brought to you by Corgi Addict (or Obsessive Corgi Disorder)

My roommate and I have been talking about living together next year and what we want in our apartment/ what we are looking for. It is my dream to have some sort of space to making into a craft studio. And both of us (but mostly her because it will technically be her dog) want a place that is dog friendly.

We really want to get a corgi. It is largely because of this website. It has given us both Obsessive Corgi disorder. Because really how can you resit that puppy face? We have already decided that the dog's name will be Scootalo.

Sorry that I am posting this so late. But I am hoping you all enjoy the rest of your mondog and relax!

(As always if you would like your dog to be featured as a mondog and be linked back please email me at Chen (dot) AD (at) gmail (dot)com