Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tools Tuesday: Trade secrets

I have some excitement to share.

Take a look at this nice little piece of furniture. Some of you may recognize it. Some of you may think it is a night stand. 

Open it up. What it flips out? What does this do I wonder... hmmm looks to be something inside of there. Better check it out a little bit closer. What is this?
Add cap
That is right friends. It is a wonderful new (to me) sewing machine. Best of all? I am getting this wonderful fine piece of sewing history as a trade. It is my roommates. She doesn't use it very much at all. So it gets to come into a place  where it will be loved dearly. And my roommate is going to get a quilt that she has helped me design. Who is getting the better end of the deal? I think I am. And she thinks she is. That is how you know it is a really good trade.

As for the machine itself I don't know too much about it. It is a post world war II era Sewmor made in Japan. That means it could be as old as the late 40s and as new as the early 60s. It does operate with a knee peddle though, which I am extremely excited to learn how to use. 

Just a bit of luck and an awesome trade. We're both happy and really that is all that matters right? (and cool sewing machines)


Spoolhardy Girl said...

That. Is. AWESOME! You totally won on that trade, even if the machine won't stitch a thing. It is just that cool. I love the old tape on the table. Maybe marking the 1/4" line? Once again, "luckeeeeeee!"

Annik Miller said...

Cool machine. love the lines and the color.