Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wed: Baby Knitters Just Don't Understand

Recently I have had almost the exact same conversation with two of my friends who have learned how to knit from me.  (well I taught one how to knit and she taught the other how to knit. So I sort of taught him)

It went like...
Me: Do you ever knit something and then put it down, forget about it. And then randomly remember that you have this half completed thing. Then for some reason you HAVE TO FINISH IT. It just has to happen.
Them: No, I've never really gotten that.
Me: Well you're a baby knitter. You don't understand.
I have been knitting this sock longer than they have been knitting. Or at the very least I have been knitting this sock for about as long as they have been knitting.

This sock (that I didn't take pictures of until much later) is one of those projects. I  started this at the start of last spring semester (it might have been around mid semester of first semester or second I don't keep real good track)

I cast on knit it furiously and finished it. Cast on for the second sock and then let it sit.
When I started the Year of Projects (which is on hold right now because I am a student and I am trying to have priorities) I tried to finish up this project. by the time I got to the cable part, the pattern was no longer free online. I had to sort of look at it from the other one and figure it out. And honestly they are probably going to be a little different.

But now this sock is nearly done. And soon I will have a wonderful great new pair of socks to wear. (That are RAINBOW)

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Minding My Own Stitches said...

I'd never be able to remember a pattern even a few weeks later! They're definitely a rainbow! It's a wonderful feeling to get something out of the UFO pile, isn't it?

Affiknitty said...

It feels so good to finish something that has been hanging around. Your knitting friends will understand soon enough! : )