Monday, February 6, 2012

Mondog #9 Thirst for Crushing Things

This Mondog is brought to you by my friends Shawn. I walked into the QSCC (The Queer Student Cultural Center) this morning and said, "Who wants to send me pictures of their dog?" Shawn replied and within 10 min I had a bunch of adorablness.

This is Schtan. He is a white German Shepard. (on the left)

And in Shawn's own words
He loves nothing more than crushing things, people, and animals of all kinds with his mass...and looking derpy.
And just look at that derpy derp derp face. What a cutie.

He and Grep need to be best friends! Too bad that they live continents away.


Spoolhardy Girl said...

They are like the yin yang of puppy cuteness!