Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tools Tuesday: Flying Jump

I love going garage sailing (pun intended). For those of you that have seen my house. This is absolutely no surprise. I am a total pack rat. I see things that are cool and I want them. Doesn't matter if I actually have a use for them. I like cool shit. 

This past summer when I went garage sailing I was looking for a sewing machine because my current one wasn't working very well at all. (and actually still isn't) I found this one. 

A little Feiyue FY811 for five dollars. At the time I was told it was working (it wasn't) But I turned the handwheel and it moved. So for five dollars. How could I resist? Mine is in a cute yellow color the one above is just a stock picture.

I just recently got it back from the bobbin doctor invested some money in it and now I have a wonderful little machine.  He specializes in vintage machines. But I highly recommend him for any machine though.

Feiyue means flying jump (or leap) in Chinese. And it is a Chinese sewing machine (that supposedly looks a lot like a Necchi)  And I have decided just now That the name of my Feiyue is going to be Peter Pan. The Chinese word for Peter Pan is "小飞侠"  Which roughly translate to "little flying knight" 

Mine is going to be used mostly for freemotion quilting. It has a dual drive belt which supposedly makes it extra extra strong. and makes it operate a little slower. What this means for me is that when I want to freemotion I will have more control and more even stitches. Not a bad thing in my book. Not bad at all.