Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIP Wed: Some Rainbow Love

When I chose handspunrainbows as my crafthandle I was really expectng to post a lot more about rainbows. Like seriously a lot more. Rainbow isn't even one of my biggest words in my word cloud. How weird is that?

So here is the start of my current rainbow quilt. If you remember a while back I posted about having this idea for a rainbow quilt. Well it took a while and I had to buy a large chunk of grey fabric (which I love and will be using 

These are the Blocks I have so far. Well. The parts of the blocks that I have so far. I am working on chain piecing the crap out of them (which I actually hadn't done before)

I have strips cut for the rest of the quilt but that is about it right now. Will update you all on my progress as I go along. Because I will finish soon. (or it will become one of THOSE WIPs)  But right now I like it enough that it won't.