Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Stash: Apples and Smiles

For Christmas when I was trolling etsy (as I do frequently) for fat quarter bundles I really wanted one. But I can't resist looking at what else the store might have. And there was a really good deal on on the Little Apples fat quarter bundle

Everyone freaked out over her Sherbet and Pips line and I am going to be completely honest i didn't really see it. I don't think I was a fan of all the pink really. Because the Little Apples. I wasn't quite sure when I bought it but a fat quarter bundle that was less than $6 a yard is too good to pass up.

And maybe it was the turtles or maybe it is the colors (because I love the color scheme of little apples) But I LOVE this line.

I had to wash this fat quarter bundle (top my dismay) but because I have a side loader right now and washing fat quarts is so much easier than the mess that happened last time.

My camera is still gone (in Wisconsin) and my phone cannot take these beautiful pictures I may have stolen them from Sir Bubbadoo I hope she doesn't mind. Please go check out her website and drop her a comment.

Happy Sunday All!


Anonymous said...

This is super cute!!